Book Release - Back to the BCs by Pavithra Srinivasan.
  • Launch of Book – Back to the BCs by Pavitra Srinivasan

    Today our dear Pavitra Srinivasan’s book Back to the BCs published by Helios Books was released at Landmark Nungambakkam by Write Madan. The book was received by Ms Chitra Madhavan.

    The book is for children above 9 (and for elders too) and is very interesting. She has written historic facts in the form of interesting stories and compiled them in a chronological order. There are 6 stories based on the incidents in The Indus Saraswati civilization, War of 10 Kings in the Sapatasindhu region, Parikshit, Buddha, Acharya Vishnu Sharma, Chanakya and Thiruvalluvar.

    This makes a very interesting reading for children and is a best way to kindle interest in History in the minds of young children.

    There are 5 more books coming in this series and congratulations Pavitra for bringing out this wonderful book.
  • Dear Sankar,

    It was great having you at the launch - and the pics were great too. Thank
    you. :)


    Have been watching General Knowledge Quiz by Surya in Vijay TV - and finding participants struggling to answer Literature based / History based queries !!

    We are more familiar with Chola - Chera - Pandya dynasty.

    We have some discussion re Moghul rules too.

    After that how Vijayanagara rule - Nayak rule etc influenced TN since about 1500 - 1865 say till Indian National Congress took over freedom movement in an organised way etc., need to be exchanged and ourselves and our children need to be made aware..

    Sample : Pattukkottai (Near Thanjai) was under Ramnad Samasthan - when its power was Peak ??!!

    Pudukottai was as independent state for some more time even after 15th August 1947 !!

    And How Madras Presidency became Tamilnadu.. post Independnece.. !!

    Likewise there are some details we should be aware of..

    we can start with titbits ...

    am sure Pavithra, Dhivakar and such authors could help us knowing more.

    best wishes and rgds. sps

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