may some one like this! (Breaking India)
  • The book 'Breaking India' by Rajiv Malhotra & Aravindan Neelkandan zooms into several of these European characters, a.k.a Indologists or Historians, from the past and up to the present Professors in Harvard.

    It is said that Truth is the first casualty in War. So is the case when writing History.
  • These people will never do them directly. They will make our own people to write these.
    There are many people who just fall to this and write Tamil, Dravidian etc etc.

    Sad part of this is many of them wouldnot have read any Tamil work either.

    I was also thinking that Sanga Ilakkiyams were talking about different culture. Fortunately my native being Karaikudi where i was fortunate to be associated with tamil scholars who were always eager to teach, Advent of Internet where Sangam is freely available and my own effort of reading Tamil in Tamil helped me to understand that sangam litrature is also Sanatana dharma litrature and there is nothing Dravidian in it.

    I also learnt that Thevaaram also calls for unified Indian Culture.

    Even the call of Tamil Prayers in Tamilnadu temple ( another sensitive subject) is not an attempt to make people understand but rather an attempt to make people feel differently. Tamil worship in TN temples, Malayalam in Sabarimala, Telugu in Tirumala, Kannada in Uduppi, marathi in Pandarpur, gujrati in dwaraka, Hindi in Kasi, urudu in vaishnodevi, Oriya in Puri, Bengali in Dakshineswar, English in pitsburg as the first step, then call Malayali god, telugu god in the second step, then make people feela sense of alienship in temples which unify India.

    Many people without understanding this ( or for some certificates like Forward Thinking from " Net Nattamais") is falling prey to this.

    There is No Taboo in worshiping in Tamil but if the procedure is same all over the country, you feel ownership.

    It archana is perfomed as Sivaya Namaha, Rudraya Namha irrespective of whether it is Amarnath or Somnath or Ramnath or Dakhinewar or Kashi - you feel one India.

    Don't fall prey to these people who want to make you alien in kasi or somnath or Sabarimala.

    There is a difference between Sadangu and Vazhipadu. Sadangu should be uniform accross the religion and Vazhipadu can be in the mother tongue or far that matter any language in which the devotee is comfortable. Otherwise so much stutis wont be composed in various languages like Thevaaram, divya prabandam or Hanuman Chalisa or Abang or Keertanas or vachanas.

    You can use any of them for " Vazhipadu" but "sadangu " should be uniform across.
  • Sirs,

    India was unified as a colony under the British crown. When we the colonial people rose against the fffforiegn rulers, curioualy under the leadership of a Britisher Mr.Hum. Freedom movement grew ultimately as Indin Nationak Congress. Only now
    Only now a semblance of "One Nation state " as political concept is emerging. HINDI SPEAKING PEOPLE ARE OVER ZEALOUS AND CONTINUE IGNORE THE HESIATIONS OF NON-HINDI SPEAKING PEOPLE.

    will we be dismembered like th Soviet Union. Where the Russian Nationalism did not prevail, inspite of a the dictatoship of CPsSU, We have to learn from USA and Canada. A liberal federal outlook is the only panacea.

    Dalit is a marathi word for whu were called by gandhi as Harijans, the Daliths all over the country have rejected it. The were called "Out-castes' from the basis othe Sanskrit word " Panchama". Panchama means one who is exccccluded from the Chathur Varna ", implying they are degrade even below Sudras.

    This id not a ploy of the Westerners. We know how Samkara encountered a tribal hunter.
    We also are aware of the episode of Ramanuja came across a Pulathi (Tamil name for a woman of Panchama group
    More economic freedom for woman and tolerance of inter caste marriage can unite us and not mere slogans tha we are one Nation.

  • Superb Mail Shankar Sir !!!!
    Breaking India is a book written by Rajiv Malhotra andAravindan Neelakandan and is a fantastic compilation of all the sources and forceswhich want to break India. It totally exposes the game behind the mischief.A Patriotic effort by the duo.It is soon to be translated into Tamil. Hope it gets sufficient appriciation.
  • Well said SN sir...
  • article by jeyamohan , on how sanskrit serves as a common thread in worship
  • A reply to jayamohan on his article
  • Then what do you think is the meaning of 'Bharata varsha...bharatha
    kande..." sequence in all the sankalpa mantra's being recited?
    'India' might be coined by Brits, but it was known as 'Bhrata varsha' for
    eons. The whole Bharatha varsha, though different in language, food habits
    etc. had/has a common thread, which we call today as 'Hinduism'

    So saying that only brits united India is not correct. Maybe, a single
    political identiy is a recent phenomenon..but Bharatha varsha existed for
  • What VKR is saying is nothing new.It is an idea created by the imperialistic rulers from Britain.It is as fanciful as the idea of Haunted Ghosts in Big Temple of Tanjorepreviously raised by him.
    "The English have taught us that we were not one nation before and that it will reaquire centuries before we become one nation. This is without foundation. We were one nation before they came to India. One thought inspired us. Our mode of life was the same. It was because we were one nation that they were able to establish one kingdom."(HindSwarajChapter ix)Mahatma Gandhi
  • You refer to the modern country called India based on the Westphalian Sovereignty model. India as a cultural & geographical entity existed for thousands of years.
  • Even for an argument sake if we accept that India was bound a single unit by colonial rulers - still how many such entitites survived ? USSR, Czeck?
    Where as in India - this unity existed right from the dayone and that is why the unity was/is/will be accepted. Kings might have changed / boredrs might have changed - but the the culture united us together.
    That is why now these forces encourage influx of foriegnrrs to North east. chase out people from north most, create linguistic barriers etc.

    Wheterher it is sanskrit where you refer as Bharata Varshe Bharadk Kande or in Tamil:

    போரும் சோறும்! பாடியவர்: முரஞ்சியூர் முடிநாகராயர்.
    பாடப்பட்டோன்: சேரமான் பெருஞ்சோற்று உதியன் சேரலாதன்.

    சேரமான் பெருஞ்சோற்று உதியன் சேரலாதன். இவன் குருக்ஷேற்ற போர்ல கௌரவர், பாண்டவர் இருவருக்கும் உணவு கொடுத்தமை வருகிறது. அவ்வளவு நடு நிலையானவன்.

    அந்தி அந்தணர் அருங்கடன் இறுக்கும்
    முத்தீ விளக்கிற், றுஞ்சும்
    பொற்கோட்டு இமயமும், பொதியமும், போன்றே!

    புலவர் சொல்றாரு அந்தியில், அந்தணர் செய்யும் முத்தீ வழிபாட்டில் இமயமும் பொதிகையும்  உறங்க செல்கின்றன. அதாவது இந்த முத்தீ ஓம்பல் இமயம் முதல் குமரி வரை இருந்தது.

    Tamil also says Himalaya to Podigai - one unit.
  • may you please elaborate on what you mean by cultural and geographical
    entity? Was the present geographical boundary of India under any single
    sovereign at any time? Was there ever a central governing king ruling over
    the present geographical area of India?

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