AN EXHIBITION of PS Group members' assets & About Ponniyinselvan Movie
  • Dear Friends,

    With respective to our previous discussion for AN EXHIBITION in the Month of May / June 2011 - PS Group members' assets, I would like know the finalized date.

    I heard about that director Mr. Manirathanam hold the process of making ponniyinselvan movie. Off course everybody knows it's not an easy project to complete because need of big-budget.

    Here I would like to express my suggestion instead of fulfill this novel in visual mode if we give a form in audio mode, it will gives a guidelines for future visual creators. Different voices for each character with background music I think easily it can fulfill this novel in audio mode. In commercial aspects also it will give huge profit.

    Ponniyinselvan has five parts (pagam), first four parts (pagam) can be divide into 8 audio series (for each part 2 audio series) and the fifth part can be divide into 4 audio series so totally the whole novel can be completed into 12 audio series. In these bases we can give proposals to producers. If the famous music director and the other artiest involved means surly this will give a commercial hit. Hope everybody knows about thiruvilayadal, thilanamohanabal and malayur mambatiyan audio stories.

    After realize this audio hit automatically the commercial value get increase while start movie making even the producers will get confident on this project. I feel this is the only source we can create awareness with public about our historical value. Then slowly the other historical novels and Tamil literature also can get convert into audio or visual mode.

    Expecting your valuable comments and suggestions.

    With Regards,

    D. Sakthi Saravanan

    Architect, Bangalore.

    +91 9886569692
  • Thanks for your comments. We should discuss in depth and take necessary arrangements to produce this audio series. This is our responsible to create awareness with public about our history and heritage values.

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