Thayirru vs Morru
  • Hopefully we will get into light historical discussion on these two thayir (yogurt or curd) and morru (buttermilk).

    Currently, most of us buy butter from stores; and make thayir at home by simply adding bacteria to the milk. Like a farmer uses part of his grains as seeds for the next crop. Depending on the quality of milk, the resulting curd/yogurt is thick or watery. I have seen people add water to this yogurt to make it "neeru morru".

    Is there any literature that documents the process of making these two? If I am correct, way back milk was processed at home to make butter. The resulting whey was consumed too. Was this the original morru (butter milk) ? Or was anything else added to it to make morru?

    If people can add some historicity to these two items that most tamilians must have seen, eaten or drank :-)

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  • Yes - there are ref

    just recollecting from memory . Divyaprabandam has many ref like -" Aychiyar Mathin Osai" etc etc.

    Thevaram - Viragil theeyum Palil Padu Neyyum pol Maraya nindrulan Mamancih chodiyan

    Silambu - Aaa Kathu Ombi aap payan alikkum kovalar vazhkaiyor kodumbadu illai -

    just quoting from memory. you can check ref in silambu - begining of maduraikkandam where kaundi adigal hands over kannagi to aaichiyra part and aaychiyar kurvai, Perialwar verses in divyapprabandam etc

    There are references of churning curd to make butter. Butter becoming ghee on melting etc. But we need to check on making Thayir and moru.

    remember a Kalameham song - Oh water! When you are flowing you are called neer and when you are in the aychiyar's pot - you are called moru.

    simillarly is there any relationship between kadarm and kadarangai?

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