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  • After a long break coming back to blogging. This one small and beautiful poem I came across. This poem deals with separation of lovers and the pain being caused due to such separation. The seasons here act as the ticking clock which indicates the duration of their separation. Thalaivan separates from thalaivi either to gather wealth or to help his king in war. Though Thalaivan loves Thalaivi beyond bearing, the act of either gather wealth or healing the king in war is something which defines a man – the acts which can gives him glory. At what ever cost a man cannot avoid his duties. So with great pain he separates from his wife. He promises his wife/lover to return by the time there are seasonal rains. Thalaivi monitors the climate everyday and hopes it rains soon – which is indication of the time the Thalaivan would return. There are various flowers which blossom only during the rainy season. So when certain flowers blossom Thalaivi understand tha rainy season is coming soon and waits anxiously for her lover to return.
  • Dear,

    Various feelings you have narrated, i am also having when my son gone for his official duties outside chennai. I hope these type of feeling need not between thalivan and thalaivali
  • Yah.. after a long break.

    thanks for mailing.

    best wishes & rgds dear Palaniappan vairam.


  • Found another beautiful poem. Sangam literature is serving purpose of
    teaching me botany. By the time I finish reading Sangam literature I
    hope I can identify most of the plants and trees in Tamil Nadu. If you
    wondered why I am saying this , the poem below would give a perfect

    On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Palaniappan Vairam Sarathy

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