• Dear members recently I came across a word e-parliament.

    Please enlighten me about it. I searched in the web., but confused about its services and activities as there are more.
  • Dear,

    Nowa days all became E.

    e thief,e Police, e investigation, e audit, e banking, e study, e office, e begging,what not? e wife?? Please imagine

    Becuase of the Internet revoluation, all uses the facilities.

    E parliament is also possible and the decision need not be taken through representatives and the decision could be taken by the people directly by the people.

    Only executives are required for implement and their responsibilies could be fixed.
    However it did not come as to my knowledge.

    I am highly doubtful whether our politiician will allow such development immediately.

    However it will come in future.Our grant grant children may have direct participation on various national issues directly, which may helpful in strong development of the world.

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