Lime and Mortar
  • According to SAHMAT, the lime and mortar in Ayodhya site indicates Muslim presence.

    Also lime and mortar were considered to be a distinctive aspect of Mughal architecture.

    But I thought Cholas had used it before. Am I wrong? What is the true story? Was lime and mortar in use before the Mughals?
  • Anybody know anything about this?
  • Hello Sirs,
    Lime and sand is a natural material available all over the World and the same can be mixed and used by anybody. Accordingly the lime mortar had been used even before the cholas and others in India.
    The Architecture only vary from region to region hence the usage of mortar cannot be claimed as an evidence for a particular group.
  • Thank you. Can you cite some references? Why are some of the "eminent historians" associated lime and mortar with Muslims more then?

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