Rajarajan samadhi
  • Dear All, Vanakkam,
    Pl. gothrough, give your support to the max.,,,,
  • Yes, Shankar.RRC's pallippadai is not in Udayalur.Neither the reporter nor the
    advocate are reseachers.It's only a Goepulse propaganda by reseachers who are
    behind the scene.
    (1) According to Chalukya's history RRC died in Thanjavur in 1015 (not 1014)
    (2) A 20 feet with 3 feet diameter pillar was unearthed in Thanjavur with
    inscriptions.It paid tribute to late RRC.
    (3) There was a strucure in dilapidated conditions in that place in 70s.
    (4)A 18th century survey map of Tnj in Saraswathi mahal clearly points out
    that location with a symbal for a temple
    (5)" Rajarajechram sri vimanam pon meintharuli..." Tnj inscription may be a
    reference to RRC's Pallippadai.

    So RRC's Pallippadai must be only Tnj which he loved so much and where he lived
    for more than 70 years
  • sir

    Can you advise basis for this 1015 theory
  • wapedia.mobi/en/Chola-Chalukya-wars-
  • hi

    i had seen this ref in wiki couple of years back ( and posted in the group)
    - i also wrote to the wiki author to provide the source for this ref. sadly,
    there was no ref. we should look for ref and not go by wiki.

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