Ramayanam before Kamban - Hanuman meets Ravana - Thadaka Vadham
  • There is a temple near Pollachi for Goddess Masaniyamman. The goddess is belived to be worshipped by Lord Rama to gain shakthi to fight Thadakai.

    There is a hill nearby called Thadakimalai, where she is believed to be killed by Lord Rama.

    Tracing Lord Rama ayana (direction) in Tamil Nadu will be a good book.

  • Dear Sir,

    there are two temples near coimbatore

    1. sukreevesvaram - sarkar palayam - referred as kurakkuthali by sundarar meaning - monkey temple.

    2. There is another Valisvaram near coimbatore.

    But for this article - we take undisputed proof - and hence not considered them

    For considering - Sundarar should have mentioned as Kurakkuthali worshiped by sugreeva.

    ( like valiyar vanangiya - for vada kurangaduthurai, jadayu sambadhi enbavar - vaitheeswaran temple - Neeridai thuyindravan, thambi, neel sambavan hanuman - for usathanam)

    or The epigraphs of - pre 12th should mention sugreeveswaram - but in this case in epigraph also it is mentioned as kurakkuthalai by later Pandyas - 13th

    There are so many such temples - like this which i have studied but not considered.. ( as a devotee i believe the puranas but as a research, we should give clear proof)

    I will list all such places once i complete.

    I need to visit some 14 temples further for the series..
  • Self and arvind did visit sarcar periyapalayam. Temple was being
    renovated by asi, and looked very promising fm a distance. But sadly
    not many sculptures / panels and the ones that are there weren't of
    great artistic beauty. We could spot a couple of reliefs showing a
    monkey praying to shiva linga.
  • According to ASI - that renovation by later Pandyas.

    hence - after 12th

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