• Hi All
    A fwded mail I recd. Unfortunately we have to agree with most of what is said, though we may not like it. Any comments from members?
  • Hi,
    There is another interesting book, Games Indians Play, a good read indeed. We
    must accept that some of the observations are quite true and correct. Also that
    these all acts, stated in your forwarded mail, are not done by so called lower
    status people but by many well educated and financially settled people. We need
    to change, if we want us to be compared with other advanced countries, and this
    change is very much needed in civic senses, traffic senses and social senses.

    I know that yes there is a problem and from my side I can try to correct myself,
    however if everyone of us think in this manner then only we will succeed.

    One more thing, many of us would have thought in the same manner so if this
    comes from a foreigner then I assume we must not get offended, instead take the
    feedback and start a corrective measure for this.
  • Dear All,

    Well, what the author Mr.Kelly says is true only and there is no scope for
    any denial. However the attached article from Evening Standard, London will
    be of interest to all. The writer Mr.Sebastian Shakespere says that he has
    seen more beggars in London than in Tamilnadu !!!!. He says he prefers to be
    born in India in his next birth.

  • //however if everyone of us think in this manner then only we will succeed.//
    Yes this is what matters. I am not offended by the obseravation only sad about why we are helpless in correcting so many things that the public can correct if they have a resolve & just not keep blaming the Govt.
  • Dear All,

    What he told is 95% true. As INACTIVE citizens of India - we just talk about
    problems, but do nothing about it - we have to but silently accept it.
  • 100% true. As he said we don't own this country.
    Freedom was thrust on us before we got prepared for that. Second, the west accepted democracy in phases but we became democratic overnight w.o understanding the real meaning.
    It is freedom without responsibility. One person saw this and had written a detailed article comparing our electioneering with what we had as per Uthiramerur on 1950, Jan 26 itself.
    Every word he said is true today.
  • Hello Everyone, I am one of those silent member, learning a lot from your
    discussions about our history, culture and language. I do agree with all the
    points he made, but I don't think any of those points make it to top four
    issues. These things will be resolved as we grow economically. India may not
    be a developed country yet, but surely it is a developing country at rapid
    pace, in spite of our issues. Imagine our country with no corruption
  • Dear all,

    I beg to differ in this place. It is not that freedom was thrust upon us
    before we were prepared or we are irresponsible. We forgot who we were after
    Independence. We had lots of love for India and we knew our responsibilities
    clearly when we got Independence. No nation that forgets itself can survive
    in history. How many children today talk in their mother tongue. We know how
    rich out Tamil literature is. But does any school take even a simple care to
    detail students about our great ancestors. We were trading with Roman and
    Greeks and had a mighty military that could reach the Himalayas and
    Indonesia and Arabia. We were even advanced in Science than any nation of
    the time. But we forgot who we were after Independence. We started thinking
    that the British were Gods and copied them in everything. We got freedom
    from their rule but we still are ruled by them. We need to get freed from
    them in our thinking. The sense of pride and respect for India vanished a
    few years after Independence. No one likes to play their part and National
    Anthem has been reduced to Prayers and National holidays. We forgot the
    values of our society and our heritage. All we need for India to develop is
    what our ancestors had and we now lack. Veeram , Kadhal and Manam.
  • Mr.Shankar,

    Introspection is good for self development, be it an individual or a country, but not self mollification, nor self pity.

    Even before the British took over our country, East India company had done enough damage to our foreign trade.

    India was exporting 17% of of the produce in even in 1750. Textiles, metal ware and agricultural productswere exported.

    In contast, now to know the British or English societyliving conditions and Rule of Law prevailinga hundred or twohundred years ago, one shoud read "Hard Times , a Novel by Chales Dickens and also his "Nicolas Nickelbay". You must have read "Oliver twist" which depicts the society filled with thieves an thugs and kidnappers of kids.

    We are endeavoring to build a nation from splinters. To day we are cnly next to china in export trade. Rupee is becoming an important currency in exim trade. Below poverty line has dropped from 65% to 27%.

    Yes, we have still a lot of things to do. Crowd is the curse of Asia said Lenin. That againis a key factor needing our attention. A hard work is to be done, not sit back and lament.

    Thank you.

    V.Kothanda Raman
  • Dear Sir,

    This has noting to do with British Rule.

    Just ask-

    1. There are so much laws? has any thing been implimented?

    2. Road sense - Take any western or countries like Singapore/ malaysia - Are we follwoing any rule?

    3. Like that - Pollution, Building rules , water bodies - Was that the condition in any of the known historic period - be chola, pandya, pallava, mugal, vijayanagar or british?

    This is totally due to lack of self dicipline, mis understanding of freedom. Whoever tried to enforce law was ultimately defeated in elections.

    A country which wants to prosper should take responsibilities first and freedom next.
  • There are going to be foreigners who continue to look at India and persist the glass is half empty.


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