Sangam Literature in Comic book format
  • Hi Every one,

    I have worked with an artist, Balasubramaniam and tired to bring up a Kurunthokai poem in comic book format.
    You can understand the beautiful sangam poem through series of images in a comic book style. This makes the reader easily to understand complex visual imageries of the sangam poets...

    This is first of a kind attempt please see this and give your comments...
  • Vairam,

    Kalakitteenga...its very interesting.
  • Great idea! way to go, Vairam!
  • Dear vairam

    the link is not opening and syas it is not available

    can u pl help
  • The link is working fine,
    But you can alternately see the comic from here ..
  • Asathitteenga.

    Best of luck.

    Kalavathi Senguttuvan
  • wonderful attempt Vairam.
  • ---

    Excellent Vairam. One more request. Since comic book format is used,

    explore Puraththinai subjects also, which would help to bring in liitle ones to Sangam litratures.


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  • Very nicely done.

    No that I got the gist of the poetry, I would like to understand the meanings of individual words/phrases. Can you please include that in your blog? The only part I understood was "கிள்ளை வளை வாய்க் கொண்ட வேப்ப ஒண் பழம்" :-(

  • Hi ,

    You can see my notes which i make before writing any blog. I would have searched for individual meaning of every word.

    Thank you every one for your feedbacks.

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