RRC Bronze
  • Thank you Vijay,I am also of the same opinion about the bronze in
    Sarabhai's.Nobdy has taken initiative to prove the fact.You have the guts to
    accept the truth.Most of the so called researcher's researches are old wine in a
    new bottle. They just gather infomation from yamantha  informers.
    At least our members should take the pain to find the truth about the bronze in
     I have the opportunity to study the street names in Singapore.At least 100
    tamil names are there.They do'nt even think to change the street and place names
    with Indian,Malay, Chinese,English,Arab and in other language origin.The
    tourists who visit Singapore feel proud and  feel joy to  see the names in their
    mother tongue.Here it is purely politics not the love for  nation or language.
  • Dear members,

    Let researcher or researcher's of researcher do all the types of research on RRC at sarboji museum. Definitely i will hear their final output.

    My prime intention is to have a statue of RRC in the prime place of Chennai, so that younger generation could realize his contribution.

    I am not parituclar about RRC at saraboji musseum.

    Any good statutue of RRC in Mount Road in specific near new secretariat or at least Marina.

    Please tell the way.

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