19th PSVP tour - Singavaram
  • Dear Friends,

    I have published a post about our trip in my blog here:
    http://svprsk.blogspot.com/2010/06/1.html In this page I have covered
    Singavaram only. I will try to cover panamalai in the next post. This is
    only in Tamil, so English readers please excuse me. However the details of
    the trip was shared by our members already so you can enjoy the photos.
  • With so many burglaries happenning, it is understandable that they dont allow to take photographs, especially in a templeat a remote place.

    The eengoimalai main lingam is ( was) made of emerald. 2 feet tall and 1 foot dia. This was stolen in the night in 2004 from the hill temple.

    That is one reason photography not allowed.
  • One of the reasons that we want to take photographs is to at the very least,
    document these marvels before they disappear into history...

    I'd suggest that the very existence of an ancient temple (not that hard to
    figure out) is an invitation to such thieves, who are as often as not, aided
    by someone on the inside. I don't see how a photograph would aid such

    And why allow us to photograph the utsavar (during the festivals), which is
    usually both more valuable (panchaloka) and more easily stolen, and then,
    prevent us from photographing the moolavar?

    In the beginning, there may have been theological reservations, but now, I
    feel that it's just a case of "mooda nambikaigal" and associated

    I understand the argument, but I submit that it's not a particularly good

    The correct response, in my opinion, is to take some of the money that is
    usually spent on sand-blasting and inappropriate "repair" work, and spend it
    on security, and on actually maintaining these places the right way.
  • Most of these temples are controlled by Govt or Mutts.

    Gurukkal dont want to take a chance.They fear the EOs.

    The best thing is HRCE should bring out photographs.That will put some ownership.

    Security? how many temples? how many guards? The local population  should own the responsibility. Till 60 years back did we have such thefts?

    San blasting - cant govt bring an official order?

    Those days people had a ownership with the place, land, water bodies, temples and forests.
  • Hi,
    Tell me one thing sir, how can a photograph assists in a burglary? If there is an emerald lingam in some temple, and I am a thief then I will come to know about this without a photograph, via my connections and words from mouths. Now if i plan to steal something, I can very well visit a temple and find out the layout. A simple photograph is not the only vice to help in burglary.
    When these temples were constructed, photography was not in existence. Now when it came to existence, some people, especially the priests who just want to appear or show off their status, started shouting against the photography. But if some person, VIP or with permission, goes then they can’t do anything as this is someone above them with whom they can’t have fight. Just to satisfytheir priestly ego, you are against this photo business.
    And sir, one more thing, all the photos are available in market, via vendors. You can get Tirupati photo of garbhagriha from out, though you can’t take photo in the temple. In MP I found that photography is not allowed in museums, however in UP it is allowed. Is there is valid reason for this? No idea, as you ask people there and no one knows why. I say if you don’t’ allow photography in museum, then give a booklet describing all the exhibits, thought I have to shell out some money for this, but people for whom it matters will surely buy it. But don’t say that photography is not allowed and also no such documentation about the museum exist.
    Tell me if you go to Paris Louvre or Sistine chapel in Vatican and there you find that you can’t picture of Monalisa or Michael Angelo's murals then how will you feel? Those governments know the value of a tourist who is coming just to take a shot and hence they allow it.
    The above comments are my as per my opinion and can vary with the individuals.
  • . . . by 'emerald', they probably meant jade. The famous emerald
    Buddha in Bangkok is of jade.
    No emerald ever existed that large, i don't think.
    Nagpur mus., No photo; Bangalore museum, no photo; Bhubaneshwar St.
    Mus, no photo. arrrggghgh

    New Delhi Nat'l Museum & BKB, Varanasi : photography permitted.
    No rhyme or reason.
    ASI doesn't bother to offer new, improved photos of
    their masterpieces. Non-flash Photos fade the stone, I guess.
  • The photograph of many deities are sold by the temple authority themselves like Pillatarpatti etc.

    But Temple priests are answerable to the EOs or the Matadipathis.

    Only if government allows the photography, it is permitted.

    Secondly, the idols are considered the representation of God himself. They are not for analysis.

    If they allow ever one to take photographs, then you cant worship.

    The difference is people like us need that photograph for a different purpose. Imagine people clicking meenakshi photo in Madurai temple, then you will understand, why it is banned.

    Meenakshi temple allows photography of places other than garbhagraham between 1-4, when the sanctum is closed.

    The best thing is Government itself engaging photographers and doucment all the moortis.. That will help to fight cases if the moorti is stolen.

    The call must be taken by religious leaders and not by the poor gurukkal.

    I have already circulated Thiruchanoor Moolavar image. In the next Ramayanam series, Lord Rangantha moolavarimage is coming.( Ungal pradigalukku mundungal)
  • Satheesh,
    Yes, I'm really enjoying the photographs! Thanks a lot.
    The Thanjavur Art Gallery photos are great, also.

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