NAAVALUR of Sundarar
  • The present temple structure that stands at Tirunavalur today owes its existence to Rajaditya chola (Takkolam war hero).

    But there was an earlier pallava temple which stood there once upon a time. It no longer remains today. A beautiful elephant head from this temple survives.


    Remember Thiruthondar thogai of Sundara!

    >> Chola painting:

    The visible words on the tail end of palm leaf in the chola painting at Raajarajeswaram read: IPPADIKKU MOOVENDA VELAN (as read by Dr Nalini)

  • Also remember to have read from SRB
    that KOKKIZHANADIGAL - Saivite wife of PARANTAKA I
    constructed this temple as Katrali - stone structure temple.

    His other wife was VEERANARAYANI - Chera Princess - who paved way for Kerala methodology in Chidambaram.

    sting fact is that VEERAPANDIAN was also known as VEERANARAYANAN !)

    Parantaka I golden-roofed Chidambaram.

    He also gave grants to Srirangam and devotedly performed Hiranyagarpam and thulabaram in this temple !


  • Dear SPS Sir
    Naavalur of Sundarar- The stone structure of Thiruthondeeswarar Temple was built in Parantaka I's 38th year by his son Rajathithan and his mother Kokkizhanadigal's parivarathal Chithirakomalam has given a Ezhathu Vilakku and 90 Sava Moova Peradu and the temple was called Rajathitheeswaram (Epi.Graphica Vol.VII).
    RRC's 21st year inscriptions is also here. Another temple for Vishnu 'Thirumetrali Mahavishnu Temple' is also there, which was built in 32nd year of Parantaka I.
    Kindly correct me if I am incorrect.
  • Dear Viswaksenan Sir,

    Nice that you brought this up.

    While describing the grants by others members of the Royal Family of Parantaka I,.. S. Swaminathan (foreward :: Chief Epigraphist, ASI Delhi - Sharadha Publications Delhi - 1998) states:

    "" Bhuti Aditha Pidari had caused to be made a stone temple for Mahadeva at Thiruchendurai and made endowments.

    In 935 AD, the Queen of Parantaka I - Kokkilanadigal had also CONSTRUCTED a temple called Rajadityeswaram, named after HER SON RAJADITYA in Stone at THIRUNAVALUR in Thirumunaippadi.- citing Ep. Indica Vol VII (Which you also cited) Pages 133 - 34.

    His second son Gandradithya composed 11 devotional hymns on Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram... " "

    rgds/ sps


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