village deities: Grama Devatas
  • > > > Pidari - Battagarigai

    I have problems with this hypothesis.

    Battarar and Battaragi are attached to many gods and goddesses in inscriptions. Uma Battaragi's name appears in many places.

    On the other hand Pidari - rather Padari as it was called in ancient times - is associated with Kali. Kala Padari temples are continuously being referred to in chola times

    Both are different

  • Dr. Kalaikkovan links beautifully ferocious " Kotravai " with softened form of Uma in Penndeiyva Vazhipadu.

    Can we consider ? Pidari ~ Battagarigai (not equivalent... but turned ? )

  • Dear Gokul

    If you give some more info on the kala pidari temples, that will help us to undertsand these worship.
  • > Dear Gokul
    > If you give some more info on the kala pidari temples, that will help us to undertsand these worship.

    Sure sankar. We can start with the Maakali temple near Kurram which is mentioned in the vidya vineetha pallava parameswaragruham temple. Parameswara period (3rd q of 7th century).

    We have to clearly distinguish between Kotravai (durga - Mahishamardhini) and Kali. Both are very different. Kotravai is Pazhaiyol - one of the the oldest deities of Tamil land.
  • Dear Gokul,
    Is She sometimes spelled : Korravai? A Devi standing above
    a buffalo head w Vaishnava symbols in her hands: Cakra & Shankha? as
    in that beautiful one from Pullamangai?
    I don't understand about the V attributes.
  • But Gokul, exactly where, please?
    Name of town. That is so wonderfully early!

  • Dear Gokul.
    Is it kooram? Varaheswarar temple?
    One that was renovated recently on the kanchepuram vellore highway. there are 2 ancient siva temples side by side.
  • 1. ayyanar - sastha

    2. karuppuswamy - Vishnu. We had seen the story and songs used for worship call him Kusa ( of Luv Kush)

    3. Kali/durga/Pidari

    4. Mariamaan/seethala devi/renuka devi - wife of jamadgni

    5. Draupadi amman/panchali amman/dharmarasa - Pandavs

    Now Muni:

    The Munis are all the rishis like vasihta/narada/agasthiyar etc. I want to give the photographs of each muni with accompanying name board from one of the famous muni temple. The pujari is not convinced in allowing me to take photos but i am convincing him. give some time to give this proof. very intresting.

    a. Though they have separate utsavs for them but how many of us know that before starting any utsav in the main siva/vishnu temple permission has to be taken from the grama devada by offerring pujas.

    Before 63var in Mylapore permission is taken from Kolavizhi amman temple or Madurai chittirai thiruvizha approval is taken from Vandiyur mariamman.

    Request members to give list of such temples as every big temple utsav is done after getting the permission from the village deity.

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