100 tamil flowers mentioned by Surya - Slide show and Downloadable PDF format
  • Great work Vairam

    Since fingers are compared to Kandal Malar - Can we say that Kandal is Coral flower?
  • its very tough sir
    bcos it is also compared
    to head of a cobra
    the red thing on top of a cock
    and so many other things that its really tough identification.

  • But really very interesting. studied Neir Neir - Thema Neir Nirai Koovilam etc without even knowing what is a Thema flower or a Koovilam flower.
  • Cobras, fingers ! my head spins!

    Can some one help me. Hi Sathees where are you?

  • I have heard of "KanthaL malr in Tamil literature. I suspect it is extinct in all probablity like the birrd annam.

    MR. VAIRAM THANK YOU FOR THE PATIENCE. sorry that your pdf also failed to open.'

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