• Dear friends

    Mr Kudavoil Balasubramanian a renowned scholar in History (especially chola history) has written a book on Big Temple and administration during Chola period titled "RAJARAJECHARAM" and the book is to be released by Swami Dhayananda Saraswathi on 17 03 2010 at Thanjavur.

  • Will be a definite treat- he lives and breathes for the temple. i think he
    must have touched every stone on it...
  • I was fortunate enough to contribute to Dr Kudavoil's magnum opus RAAJARAJEECHARAM in a very little way - like a squirrel in Sethu.

    Few years before myself, kudavoil and a friend went to Rajarajeswaram. USually we will be standing at the upapita level and the sculptures will be above adhistana. Kudavoil wanted some photos at eye level. Fortunately there was an old ladder lying nearby. It was very heavy. But we three managed to carry it from one sculpture to another. Kudavoil, in spite of his age & scholarship, did not mind giving a helping hand. That scene is still vividly frozen in my eyes.

    I took the snaps of 52 forms of muruga in the murugan temple - all of which have been featured in this book.

  • Little striped squirrel,
    Would love to see those 52 forms. Wow, wish I read Tamil.

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