[Poetry In Stone|கல்லிலே கலைவண்ணம் கண்டோம்] Where it a
  • We did have lot of temples before Pallavas.

    "En thol Isarku ezhil maadam ezhubadhu seidu ulaganda
    Thirukkulathu valar chozhan" - Thirumangai azhvar on Koch chenganan.

    70 temples !

    But granite was carefully avoided because of its very close association with the apara kaariyams. Nadu kal etc.

    Mahendra Pallava should have faced severe resistance with this. He could not succeed in sculpting the moortis in garbagraha in spite of his influence.

    Only in late 7th century, Lingas and somaskanthas started appearing in stone (KR Srinivasan / Lockwood).

  • Dear Gokul,
    please tell me about 70 pre-Pallava temples.
    You, know me, the earlier, more I like it.
  • thanks dear Gokul.


    re PADAGAM (portraits) UNDER WORSHIP...
    re WOODEN IMAGES.. Ref Puri Jagannath..

    and of course SUDHAIs..

    Swayambu (not man made) Putru ( Prithvi - soil) also preceded man-made Stone structures.



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