Thanks maa: Must watch movie
  • On a very serious note:watched movie 'Thanks Maa'. one of the best movies i have seen in recent times...the movie is about kids in mumbai slum ..100 times better than slumdog ...while all poeple keep SM in their head ..none have heard about this movie... Very highly reco movie ...running at Studio 5 10.15 pm... please watch the movie..dont waste time watching crap likes VTV and KCK for once support good movies!

    The movie is about orphans and slum such orphan who was left out in the hospital by a mother grows up as a petty theif... he visits the hospital every day in a hope that he would see his who is abondadned by some lady ...this small boy sees it and tries to return back to the mother since he knows how diff it is to be an orphaned child...the movie about the quest of this boy to return the baby to his mother... very excellent movie.....

    By far one of the best movie I have seen in recent times.

    If you are not able to see the movie atleast foward this mail to people who might be interested in seeing this movie...


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