Watch Sun TV - 16/Feb/2010 @ 2230 hrs IST
  • Dear Friends,

    Pls watch Sun TV today (16/Feb/2010 @ 2230 hrs IST). Special program is being aired on Big Temple. Hope it will create controversies
  • Thank you very much Dear Muruganandham.

    Could watch the programme in time.

    It is wonderful attempt by Sun TV to set things right.

    Dr. Nagaswamy explained certain details.

    Dr. Thyaga Sathyamurthy explained the high points of the temple.

    Dr. Kudavoil explained that Sikaram is not made of single piece. (but about 8 pcs).

    Sun TV clarified viewers that shadow of Kalasam does fall on ground. Mr. Rajendran attempted to explain that it does not fall at mid-day (12 noon ! )

    Saarapallam to Big temple slope - locals explained the MUD to fill soil to carry the heavy stones was excavated and the place became a water-tank now... and thus Saarapallam !!

    Nandhi does not grow.. of course.

    King RRC - not only scribed his names but also brought to light all the donors irrespective of their social status etc. !!

    Porgiri - Karuvur puranam subject was also touched !!

    While watching SMSed some group members who were watching...

    Truly tears were rolling down... !!

    recalled our Group's Thanjai trip.

    thanks to Muruganandam once again.

  • Dear Sir,

    There was a mention of the entire vimanam being gold plated by RRC.

    Then they mentioned that it is the first golden temple. ( was it only for kalasam and or for the full tower. If for full tower, how was it removed w.o.damaging any sclupture?)

    Then they told that Tanjai changed hands to Pandyas,Malikkafoor, Vijayanagar and Marattas. They mentioned that the anniyars removed all the gold.

    Request for giving details of this.
  • Dear SPS

    I was fortunate to watch it as one of my friends phoned to and said Sri Sun TV paru theres something on PeriaKoil...

    It was good to create awareness and clarify myths....

    I have a big bone to pick....If the Nijam producers cannot distinguish between RRC and RJC what is the point...

    They finished the programme eloquently about Gangaiyum Kadaramum venru indha Koilai kattiya RRC and should supposed RRC sculpture from the Sarabhai museum That is totally and utterly wrong.

    I would like to check with members if that is what was said and if so we need to really write to Sun TV in a strong voice...

    This feeds into VJs queery on Chola Histrory and the importnace our ASI and Govt give...

    The UNESCO site had RRC the founder of Chola dynasty built this temple...when I pointed that they removed it...and it doesnt actually say who built it ....

    Kind Regards


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  • Incidentally it happened me too to watch this program in Kuwait. When I was switching the channels, suddenly this program was seen and then I glued to it leaving my other favourite ones for half an hour

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