Chola street in Singapore and Malasiya
  • Dear sirs,
    I would like to brought to the notice of lovers of Cholas, that there are streets in the name of Cholas in Singapore and Malasiya.
    One of the earlier streets in Singapore is Chulia street.This is found in the Sg map(1826 )by G.D.Coleman,the architect of most of the streets,churches and buildings.The dominaing community of this region,Chineese pronounced Cholas as Chulias.There is one mosque in the South Bridge Road.Its name is Chulia Mosque.Till date this is governed by the Tamil Muslims.Very near to this is,the famous Mariamman temple, owned by the Tamils.These are very close to the Singapore River, old landing point of the merchant guild.
    Legends attribute the name of this country,Singapura to a Chola king,Sang Neela Uthama( RJC?)son of Raja(Raja)Chola of India who married the daughter of sea God.On his arrival to this island, saw a beast and mistook it for a lion,and named this island SINGAPURA(singa=lion,pura=town). We can feel proud that the paradise on earth was named by a Chola king,should also thankful to Sg govt for preserving the name and the history.
    In Sg,there is a Keramat(a samadi-holy place) in FOrt Canning.It is believed that it belongs to the decesant of the founder of Sg.We can see more than 100 street names in Singapore are in Tamil.
    In Penang Chulia Street is renamed by the present govt,yet it is found in old records and maps.I request our members in SEA ,to collect the names in connection with our South Indian History and do research on the names.N.S.
  • Dear Sri Selvaraj Sir,

    Very much interesting..

    informative and motivating.

    thanks and regards / sps
  • Dear Selvaraj

    Thats very interesting...The chulia link to Chian has vbeen described by others as well

    Sandilyan used that in his Kadal Pura where he based it on claims that Chulia was in the Chinese Emperors court as Chola Emperors emmissiory


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