The war at Thiruppurambiyam-01
  • The famous war at Thiruppurambiyam changed the course of south indian history forever. Though there are many wars that changed the history, this one is particularly interesting in terms of the complexity of the forces involved and some of the events aftermath.

    It is not as simple as described in PS. In fact there is no evidence to prove vijayalaya's participation in the war. But with his brilliant touch of imagination kalki bought the old man back to battleground and made him the here of the day.

    In terms of real history, the most complex question as yet unanswered is: WHICH SIDE WAS ADITYA REPRESENTING? pallava or pandiya?

    We will continue our quest...
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    Thirupurambiyam battle was held in 879 AD. Aditya I didnot took an active part in it eventhough he was under the rule of Pallava. Ganga King Prithivipathi II 's Udhayendhiram plates tells all about Tirupurambiyam battle clearly as his father Prithivipathi I took part in the battle and died.
    Aditya I kept his friendship with Pallava, and in 890 AD he fought with Pallava and defeated(the reasons are unknown). But he continued the relationship with Pallava and married the princes of Pallava.after 2 years.His first wife was Elango Pichi(daughter of Vallavaraya family married to Krishna II)
    Aditya stood on the side of Pallava only.

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