The forgotten city Thanjavur
  • Dear friends,Why imperial Chola's capital Tnj was a forgotten city even in the period of RJC? Why was itin ruins for more than 500 years,till the arrival of the Nayaks? We may get a clue,if we get answers for the following qns.
    1.Albaruni recorded Tnj was in ruin in the beginning of 11th century.Why?
    2.An inscription from Bowgamway-1019(Karnataka)says,RJC was defeated by the chalukya king Jayasimha? Was this the reason for Tnj's ruin?
    3.According to the Karanthi copper plates,RJC took a vow not to enter his harem until he won Jayasimha? Why was RJC forced to take such a serious vow,such is not recorded in the whole of history?
    4.Once he left Tnj, he never entered Tnj or Big Temple.More than that he diverted Big temple's revenues to KKCPuram.This is also quiet new in the temple history reg grants.What was the reason for that?
    5.After RRC, RJC left Tnj and camped in Thiruvetkalam @ the present Annamae Karandai copper plate was also ordered from here. After RRC it took 14 years for him to found KKCPuram.Till that he might have maintained a statusquo in TNJ,his ancesteral city.That was not so.Why?Even an ordinary man never likes to desert his fore father's village.
    There are more qns to be answered.I hope, our members are the fittest to fill the blank pages in the history of Chola's.N.S
  • Hi Selvaraj
    Thanks for starting this thread. These are the kind of topics we are
    yearning to learn more.
    I am eager to see our learned members' inputs on this.

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