Damaging the image of Cholas
  • Friends, To tell you the truth,in Thanjavur some cliques are there who propagate not only against Cholas but also against Mrattas.Some biased historians are behind them and encourage them.Reason? Jatheeiyam?They managed to sow the seeds thro' medias.Money makes many things.
    It's a wonder when 10avataram was released the medias reaction was aahaa!oho!nobody raised a hand against!They even recommended the filthy film for Ascor too.
    See,the only aim of medias are business.In the same group,one is against a matter,the other is for the matter!They are doing double role.Now they shed tears like a crocodile.
    Nobody can pluck a - from cholas crown.
    What all 13 Maratta kings of tnj did to preserve our heritage,now one single man without kingdom,Babaji,Senior Prince is doing.Some politicians against our culture are behind the clique.
  • urakka sollungal. Romba dooram varai ketkanum

    this is the ground reality

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