histtory of marriage?
  • Dear Dhiwaker sir, i beg to disagree..you can find what is good in anything including TV shows..if you read Cho's enge brahmanan for example the hero ultimately finds true meaning in a drunkard's speech on the beach..

    Passiveness has never resolved any problem and faith is far from blind belief. It takes courage to challenge our own weaknesses and conquer them.. and many times meanings are assigned because people are too scared to face the truth.

    Arya Samaj is a healthy offshoot of hindu religion that has one much
    good but only becuase people dared to see what was wrong in status quo. Sri Ramakrishna again never preached anything to anybody he rwas a liberated soul. We nteed more like him. t

    As far as tonsuring widows that was a 100% hindu brahmin belief at that age. Kuppura vizhundhaalum meesila mann ottailai solluvad tnga madha andha madhiri why this lame argument that it was not hindu? Only after Periyar, Ram Mohan Roy and other revolutionaries these practices stopped and by the way every religion has had its share of barbarism.

    It is also 100 per cent true that Paramacharya did not se widows. He refuse to condemn casteism also despite repeated requestz from Gandhi and Rajaji. Without opening a can of worms all saints are not social revolutionaries and some want to keep their beliefs.


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