Pandi Nattu Aanaiyur
  • Dear all

    Happened to read a book titled Paandi naaatin Aanaiyur by my good friend Dr.P.Jayakumar, HOD, Epigraphy dept. Tanjore Tamil univ. I had invited him to present a paper on Nagappattinam excavations in the PS vizha but he could not come due to some last minute changes. His paper has been featured in our vizha malar.

    Aanaiyur is yet another forgotten village in TN with an extraordinary past. Its history starts with megalithic age ends with the British.

    AMong many other things, the inscriptions revealed by the Airavatheswara temple at aanaiyur are riveting. Chozhan talaikonda veerapandiyan - Our veerapandiyan of PS - has provided many donations and hails this god as "Nam deivam". Just like rajendra hailing God Anantiswara of Udaiyargudi.

    Compelling read

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