Nagappattinam to Swarnadweepa
  • Dear all

    A research volume specializing in the naval voyage of the cholas has been published by ISEAS singapore. I have contributed a paper on Nagappattinam in this volume.
  • Dear Gokul

    Welldone and very interesting

    It states for sales outside India Does that mean there is an Indian Edition?


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  • Dear Gokul
    Congrats. Is it possible for you to get a copy of Nagapattinam to Swarnadweepa and send along with a copy of your Paisasam? Kindly let me know the price and I will send to you. I will be happy if you can arrange for this on coming saturday and handover to Chandramouli(my adoted son)at Book Fair.
  • thanks for sharing the link gokul - Ebooks are available for purchase - and
    good think is there are free downloads - of the index, appendix ( incl
    famous inscriptions in this context)

    Another good thing, is the priced ebook /pdfs - you can buy article wise.
    the free download index has short bios of the contributors incl our Gokul's
  • Paisaasam is easily available in Palaniappa stall. Nagappattinam book I am not sure who is distributing in India.
  • This book features a British painting of 18th century showing the full vihara compelx as it existed before the demolition (not just the towers but the whole complex)

    Incidentally, I was fortunate enough to see all the items from a recent excavation in the Nagai vihara complex. I was not allowed to photograph - but holding rajaraja's cheppuk kaasu and a buddhist pottery in my palm was a peculiar experience.

  • Dear Gokul

    I can experience your joy. Is there any write-up about the excavation?


  • > I can experience your joy. Is there any write-up about the excavation?

    A small writeup was published in aavanam-2009
  • WOW Gokul... Thatz real great experience yaar... Where in Nagai...Its superb info...
  • I did my schooling there yaar...Very interesting Gokul...
  • Where is "nagai" is your question?

    It is nagapattinam. You have trains and buses from Chennai and Trichy.

    S.Arul Ganesh

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