Avatar - a Treat for the senses
  • Hello all - just watched this much talked about movie this weekend. What a visual treat accompanied by great storyline!!

    The 'pandora' planet and its 'gandharva' like inhabitants with floating mountains like meru and horses that fly and water gods seem to have so many parellels with indian mythology.

    Would love to hear fellow PS member experiences,

    Kind Regards

  • Yeah, and the Blue skinned Navis with Bow got similarity with Ramavatar and Krishnavatar. Naamam can be seen on their forehead. their tail reminds me Vaanaras (hanuman) and 'Toruk' the mighty bird reminds me Jatayu.
  • Amazing movie. Subtle yet powerful messages. The notion of energy and respecting of nature are prominent. The concept though looks indian however I don't want to conclude that.
    Cameroon always conveys great lines, the musicians in the titanic as they were to sink - thathuvam king cameroon :)

    Horses don't fly the winged dragon like creatures did though.

    But - Bow and blue = rama ellam konjam tooooo much.

  • I watched Avatar's trailer first when it was showed on Comic-Con in August.
    James Cameroon exoplained he took the term Avatar from the Hindu Mythology.
    Watching the movie in the 3D is amazing experience. With a log of Human
    touch and lot of real life American slogans (ex: fighting terror with
    terror) this is one of the most amazing Anti-War movie I have seen.

    Any one has seen "Dancing with the Wolves", many reviewers has drawn
    parallel to Avatar and DWW. I should check that movie.
  • I saw Dancing with the wolves a long time ago and was very unimpressed. I guess it was probably due to Kevin Costner being such a dumb non actor.

    Ravi, the singers on Titanic was a real life incident, not cameroon's idea. The musicians on the titanic decided to die that way. I totaly agree about the observation on blue people with arrows/Rama etc seems too coincidental. There is one scene before the hero Jason assembles 'native' tribes of all kinds to defend themselves, there they show flying horses, water/sea gods, all kinds of mythological beings that seem very much kelike from hindu myths. The navis with their slim lithe bodies, ability to drift lightly and fly on birds are exactly how gandharva clan is defined in our myths.

    I thought the final battle was very long drawn out almost like a video game but the rest of the movie was awesome. Yes esp in 3D the rides through Pandora almost make you feel you are on a ride at an amusement park somewhere.

    The key villain with his texan accent and war strategies was supposedly a parody on Bush. In all a very likeable movie.
  • Hey,

    Just now remembered something else - Someone mentioned to me that Lord
    Rama's height is about 9 feet and Sita is about 7 feet. Is the height of the
    Rama being mentioned any where in Ramayana? If that is true, continuing what
    Sathish said, Cameroon might have got the idea of the Navi's height from the
    Hindu Mythology as well.
  • Hi All
    HAppy New Year

    I doubt that Sita was 7 feet tall. Can you pls tell me where it is mentioned
    so? In Panchavati there is a cave where Sita is said to have lived for
    We need to bend really low to go into the cave and also to move around....
    which makes me feel that Sita would have been really short. IF Sita was 7
    feet tall, there is no chance of her to enter or move around in that cave.
  • I did not mean it is mentioned anywhere. I remember somebody telling me long
    back, could just be a silly kids talk. Reading about the height of Navi in
    the Movie and the mail from Sathish brought those conversations to my mind,
    just wanted to know their height that is all.
  • Hi Sivaram
    think we discussed it in this group only

    the huge foot imprint of rama in kodi karai should make him so tall

    its just a juxtaposition

  • Yep Malathi, i learnt my first big lesson from the Titanic musicians. Their action was heart rendering - yes, but Cameroon taking them to the masses, has made them absolutely immortal.

    I felt the characters sync'd with Kimpurusha descriptions, remember one acharya quoting Hanuman as a Kimpurusha, not sure i can validate that.

    I am going to watch avatar today .... again :)
    Avatar, for me - treat for the soul.

    Anyway, malathi - welcome back :)

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