RRC's Pallippadai temple Research paper
  •     Dear sir,Today i've mailed ,my paper on RRC's Pallippadai temple.My argument is that Udayalur inscription in Paalkulathu Amman temple,refers only RRC's palace there ,not pallippadai.I welcome our members comments on this paper.
        Also go through the pillar inscription discovered inThanjavur,the Tamil version.My suggstion is, this is one of the pillars in RRC's pallppadai .I also welcome an healthy discussion on this subjects,since my view is it should be in Thanjavur at any cost.I'll be grateful if any one our members help to get the sanskrit version.
  • dear mr selvaraj

    Do you mean you have sent the paper to the group - seem to have missed that
    mail. If possible please upload in our files section.

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