RRC's Pallippadai Temple in Thanjavur
  • Dear Fans of RRC,Here I present you a new topic for more debates on RRC's palippadai temple in Thanjavur.I welcome suggestions on this topic.In 1989 the owner of a plot in Thanjavur Srinivasapuram area,unearthed a 20' long stone pillar.It contains inscriptions.The owner broke the pillar into 84 pieces.Somehow the matter leaked out thro' the medias.Dr.Nagasamy came,collected the pieces,read the inscriptions.Oh!What a tresure!13 verses of Sanskrit poems,all praise the glory of RRC.It was said that the pillar might be in RRC's palace and the chapter was closed once for all.
    But I'm not convinced.I go thro' the tamil translation-that too by Dr.R.N-.I disussed with Sanskrit Schlars and came to the conclution that it was a IRANGARPA (in Tamil).It might have in RRC's samadhi or pallippadai temple.The Tamil Nadu Archeological Society conducted a seminar in Tamil University ,last July.I submitted a paper on this subject.There is no evidece to prove that RRC samadhi is in Udayalur.It must be in the place at Thanjavur where the pillar was found.I put forth more evidence to stress my point.Hono'ble Minister Thangam Thennarasu,VC,Dr.Subbarayalu,Pulavar Raju from Erode and all the scholars seconded my views.It was flashed in the local dailies also.
    I need more evidence to estsblish my views.The olny way is excavation.It should be done at 2 places,one at Thanjavur to prove my theory another at Udayalur to disprove it. This only put an end to the innocent cries.Eagerly awaits our members views on this subject.N.S.
  • I think we saw the pillar in our ps group visit. it was in the basement of the museum.
  • Dear Sri Selvaraj Sir

    That PILLAR as rightly pointed out by dear Venkat - is now placed in the Basement at Rajarajan Maninamdapam - Thanjavur.

    Srinivasapuram appears to be the place where RRC's palace existed in Thanjavur.

    The inscriptions are already transcribed (from Sanskrit). I can get the text. I recall this is the lonely inscriptional support re RRC being MUUMUDICHOLA !!

    These details are also avl in our Archieves.

    RRC's last days were centered around Udayalur ( about 3 Kms South East of Pazhayarai / Kumbakonam) only ...

    regards/ sps
  • Dear Sir,
    Can you post your article in our group? Can you give the Tamil translation of the inscription ?
    Thanks and best regards,
  • Dear venkat sir ,I've fulfilled your wish,posted my paper on RRC Pallippadai.Kindly go through it.Let me know your views about my arguments and suggestions.

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