• Dear all
    Capital Of K III
    It was Samayapuram, Trichy
    M.Phil thesis  I did on this.
  • Rama Chandran-

    Tell us more in detail of your thesis on K III and Samayapuram. 

  • Yes, I am very very keen in reading it.
  • The present day Samayapuram in Trichy was the capital of Vikrama Cholan, and Vikrama cholan constructed the poysalesvaran which was named as Vikrama choleswarar,
    On those days to administer the country Cholas had 4/ 5 capitals.
    Tiruvanna malai
    present day Hosur
    Gangai Konda cholapuram
    I will post rest this week end, as my thesis book is with a gentle man who had taken it for reference.
    Mr.Chandra of Temple renovation has a copy of that thesis.
    If you happen to reside near house please collect that and go through that.
    It has full details about  Samayapuram, Otta koother etc.
    Will soon post with references.
  • Interesting

    Vikrama Chola? There is a Kali temple in Samayapuram that was to have been built / meditated by Vikramaditya, is that the northern Vikramaditya or this Vikrama Chola?
    Any ideas?
  • In Samayapuram, There is a Sivan Temple, and there are Manuscrits that engraved in copper plates, which was written by hand by MMS and now at OML.
    Kulothuga III donated lands to this temple.
    Samayapuram Mariamman temple was construted on the place where Rani mangamma was  cremated.
    It was known as Sellayee koil.

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