War trophy in Thanjavur Big Temple
  • Dear scholars,The victorious kings used to bring something special from the enemy's land.In Thanjavur art gallory(palace)there is one such war trophy, with inscriptions,brought from Darasuram.It reads"swaathisri,Udayar Veerarajendra Deavr,Kalyanapuram erindhu kodu vantha dwarablakar".That dwarabalakar is different from chola school of art.This gives a clue that it was a custom in those days.
    There is one such war trophy in Thanjavur Big Temple.You might have seen two small Ganesh idols when you are about to leave the temple through the southern exit.As the lighting is very poor there ,many might have missed them.An experienced would easily conclude that they are not of chola's origin.Rajaraja I After defeated Chalukya Satyasreaya, brought heavy booties,as per his inscriptions.He might have brought these two Ganesh stone sculptors,and placed them near Rajarajeeswaramudaiyar ,a proud presentation.In Big temple,from dwarabalaka to The Lingam,every one is in mega size,except these two.I would like to suggest our members to study them in this angle,without the help of local historians who are so far not touched them.Simillarly the Ganesh idols in Soolamangalam ,Nallur(Kasi Pillyar),Kudanthai Nageswaran Temple(Gangaikonda pillayar)-the very name suggest their origin-must be war trophies.
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    very interesting.

    we can add a couple of more items too ::

    1. Kanakku vinayagar @ Kanaga Vinayagar at Gangai konda Cholapuram .. about
    2. Of course - THIRUCHENGATTANGUDI - VAATAPI GANAPATHI - by Paranjothi @ Siruthondar from Vatapi - during Narasimha I.

    3. Nulambapadi Green stone Pillars in Then Kailsam - Thiruvaiyaru - during RRC I.

    4. Small Siva+ Prvathi over Rishabam - with yaksa gandarvas etc - all in dancing pose - Bronze - reminding "manada mayilada .. mangai sivakamiyada .. " - from Bengal - at Melakadambur (kulothunga I) !

    regards/ sps

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