Legends and Myths
  • This is my last message in this group.

    Many a time, what are derisively looked down as legends or myths
    might prove to be the truth.

    I have made use of such legends and have made some solid discoveries.

    One such thing was the discovery of a merchant settlement called

    It took me six years to finalise and present it to the outside world.

    The other thing was the City of Kadaaram. The archeological people
    were thinking of a particular site. But I made use Rajendra's
    inscription and other hearsay information......
    Now it is where I told it would be.
    I just missed it by two miles:-)
    But it is there where I said it should be.

    The other was a lost kingdom. I journeyed through jungles and river.
    But I could not proceed further because of the rapids and cataracts.
    And whatever traces remaining, were submerged below a hydroelectric

    There was another merchantile out-post; its name was Kampong Berhala.
    It is also now underwater.


    One advice......

    Never brush aside these things.

    Remember Heinrich Schliemen and Troy.

  • Dear Jaybee Ayya

    We have been very privileged to have you in our group.If it is personal reasons and health issues which make you withdraw from the group we understand.

    if it is anything we have said or done kindly accept our apologies and grace us with your presence

    Thank you


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