Trouble in breathing??
  • Recently I came across a leaf, that talks about the methods to shoot the trouble in breathing.

    I experienced this and now satisfied and recommending this to our members. This is in good faith that I am giving the following.

    Why there is trouble in breath??

    You must have seen the long runners who runs for a long distance at full speed find it difficult in breath and hold their Chest/ Heart and massage softly. Why they do it??

    In the blood you have oxygen with heating elements. When this heating elements burn and exit energy, we are able to do at full speed.

    Once the heating elements are exhausted and only Hydrogen is left in the blood, which forms phlegm it stops the free flow of blood circulation and the heart is pressurizing lungs for extra oxygen with heating elements.

    The physicians at these circumstances administer fresh oxygen in to the nose so that the sufferer gets fresh oxygen.

    Now what I recommend is the sufferer should made to lie on a banana leaf with face up, and the back touching the leaf, the phlegm is broken and free flow of air in to lungs is guaranteed.

    Even if you are in sitting posture, you can cut 2'X2' size, place on the back side of the sufferer and wear the Banian., the inner garment that normally worn by the male.

    The nerves of the banana leaves has lots of resin in them, that produces heat, melt the phlegm, and soothes the heart pain.

    So it is well understood that the trouble in breathing is lacking of heating elements in oxygen.

    If you continue your research based on this you can cure cancer.

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