• Reading through a thirupugazh song, I bounced into this aspect of poetry from Guru Arunagiri.

    The lines are below:

    vEdhA muRaiyO endraratra AkAsa kapAlam piLakka
    vErmAmara mUlan thaRiththu ......
    vadavAlum vArAgaram Ezhum kudiththu mAsUrOdu pOram baRuththu

    My translation: The Lord of Vedhas is terrified when the roofs over the 3 worlds are shattered (to what would be happening) , the Mango (symbolic I presume) tree of Suran is uprooted.
    You send in the Great Fire from the North (Vadavaalum) and the seven seas are dried up, during your battle to destroy the Suran.

    The poet describes the battle in depth, it definitely is very graphic for an imaginative mind.
    Well, now here are the questions.

    Have we heard of any such thing in any other literature, destruction by fire from the North (I am not sure if it is the Artic or Himalayas or some other place in the atlantic).

    It also mentions of the sky being split to the scream of the creator as it happens.

    This seems new to me, atleast when we seem to be finding that the dino's did not die of a meteor crash, but something else happened then.

    Plot thickens....

    Vadava agni, also I have read as Fire from Mount Meru. Vadava agni is also claimed to be the Fire from the bottom (deep Pit).

    So, any inputs would be of great help in a study.

    - R

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