Dr. Nagasami's Ramanuja: Alternative viewpoint
  • Dear all

    It is always healthy to discuss controversial topics in the light of in depth research & analysis.

    Researcher and Epigraphist S Ramachandran writes:

  • Dear Gokul,

    I read in an old book that Ramanuja killed thousands of labours who constructed the third Prakara of Sri Rangam,  and Stole the Gold Buddha from Srilanka to pay for few costruction material.

    This was written by a Vaishnavar.

    I appreciate the boldness of this Histoorian, who wished the History to live long
  • Can I have the references to the book and the author please!!!!!!
  • Dear Member
        Will you please tell us about the historian whom you appreciate and written the book about Ramanujar killed thousands of workers and when did he go to Srilanka and stole Buddha idol?
  • Definitely I will take the xerox copy of that book and hand over to Chandra so that he can put them in net so that other members can also see them!

    One more, the great Desigan was a Smartha who had written  Agama by sitting under the gopura of Tiruvannamalai Sivan temple!

    This  palm leaves are available with OML!

    The Historians are beyond  Religion and must have the courage to accept the Truth and if he feels that it is not correct he must place his doubts  in such a way that his statements are countered.

    Soon I will hand over the copy of that book to Chandra.

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