Sivaganga tank - Thanjavur (Thalikulathar temple?)
  • Dear Friends,

    We have read in PS about Thalikulathar Temple. Though we have discussed a
    lot about that temple in our group, no conclusive evidence has been found so
    far. Whenever I happened to meet any old people in Thanjavur I always
    inquire about this Thalikulathar temple. Some of them told me that the small
    sivalingam and the nandhi inside the Sivaganga Tank in the Sivaganga park
    adjacent to the Big temple is the Thalikulathar temple. But I couldn't
    confirm this with any evidence from books. The massive retaining walls
    constrcuted around the tank seems to be very old. In the north side wall
    they have used the Bricks of smaller size like the bricks used in old
    days,You can see this kind of bricks in all the damaged old houses in
    Thanjavur region. Inside the tank some structures are damaged which seems to
    be the old Padithurai. Is there any chance that this temple inside the
    sivaganga tank is the Thalikulathar temple?

    While searching for this Thalikulathar temple, I came across another tank
    called Aiyan Kulam. This has been built by the King Ragunatha nayaka to
    honour his Minister Govindha Thikshithar who had been called as Govinthaiya
    and aiyan. Same like that tank the king created a Canal, Some villages on
    his name to honour his loyal work. I heard that there is a Syphon connection
    made between the Sivaganga Tank and the Aiyan Tank during that times. You
    can see some holes (like a opened mouth of an Ox) in the tank walls, during
    the rainy season water will be streaming out from these holes. Who knows
    whether the water is from the catchment area or from the Sivaganga Tank!

    I have created a post with photos in Tamil on this, Please check out here

    For those who can't read Tamil the above summary may be hopefully

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