Spot the differences between these natarajars
  • Hi all,

    I have uploaded the photos of siyamangalam stone nataraja and 11th century
    Nataraja from patteeswaram (Thanjai art gallary). Find the differences
    between these stone nataraja and the bronze nataraja. Already our dear
    Ragothaman has written some differences in his travelogue see that too...
  • That was most useful...Thanks Sateesh.
    Even the Jwala's position is different.

  • Hi
    satheesh is mailing from abu dhabi airport from where he is leaving to kuwait in another hour or so.

    it was so enthusiastic of him to have attended the strenuous trip on the previous day

  • Hi Sir,

    Not from abu dhabi, mailing from Dubai hotel. Have another one hour to

    One small worry, Because of me you all have to skip vallam :-(
  • Oh I thought you had reached kuwait...My family was surprised to know that you came for the trip inspite of the travel the same evening.
    Was it because of you we had to skip vallam? I didn't think so, each of us had to be back. So please dont regret...

  • He hee...

    Veetla poi adi vaangunathu enakku thaana theriyum ;-)

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