The Lost (Swindled) Bhairava of Kaverippakkam
  • Dear all

    Rashtrakuta Krishna III was a powerful emperor and his ganga ally (a
    drohin - whose forgot his forefather's relationship with cholas)
    bhuduga were responsible for chola failure at thakkolam.

    But krishna was a different emperor. He engaged himself actively with
    the land and its people. No scholar other that Kudanthai sethuraman
    has shown any interest in this emperor.

    Krishna built a massive temple for KaalaBhairava at kaverippakkam.
    Though the temple was lost, the icons survived over the years. And the
    most important one - perhaps one and only one available is the main
    deity. This moorthy was featured in Gopinatha rao's work and was
    safeguarded to Chennai Museum.

    It is also featured in the cover of Dr R Nagasami's extensive work on

    As destiny would have it, some "forces" managed to convince the
    "authorities" and a Judge(!) that this is "not such an important or
    ancient icon" and managed to swindle Kaalabhairava away from chennai
    museum. Can you believe it?

    This is the fate and this is the way our cultural assets are being
    safeguarded. If you know the right people you can swindle even
    Thirivalangadu Nataraja from Chennai Museum.

    No media wrote about it.

    No scholar dares to speak of it because they do not have any support
    and the opposing forces are too strong. It may be worth several
    crores now.

    Not even a public interest litigation on this subject.

    Absolutely nothing.

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