Choolamanipadma vihara of Nagappattinam
  • I'm starting a new thread on the same topic.

    - Kaverippakkam is near madras, had a rashtrakuta temple which was lost.

    - Kavirippompattinam is a famous port city on the east coast, near
    Tarangambadi. It was lost slightly before the pallava age due to a
    tsunami & sea level rise.

  • > > >
    > > > It is slightly misleading to say "Christians demolished this
    > > > building". Actually what happened was:
    > > >
    > > > - That the complex was fully in tact in 18th century as proven
    by the
    > > > painting
    > > >
    > > > - The tower and the complex had undergone massive destruction
    > > > 18th and 19th centuries, possibly by Portuguese and dutch who
    > > > the city
    > > >
    > > > - The tower was in the danger of collapsing
    > > >
    > > > - Jesuist missionaries who wanted to build a school there wrote to
    > > > british govt, first it was refused and then allowed
    > > >
    > > > - Sir walter scott was the first britisher to feel extensively for
    > > > this lost pagoda

    Hi Gokul

    Are you referring to this work. My reading doesnt confirm to your view.
  • > Are you referring to this work. My reading doesnt confirm to your view.

    Hi Vijay

    Which specific point you are talking about?
  • > On why the structure was brought down ( the reasons) and if it
    really > was beyond repair.

    Oh absolutely. If the govt had the will, it could have been repaired
    very easily. I did not go too much into post 13th century events in my

    But what baffles me is the excellent condition in which the entire
    complex was - in 18th century (as revealed by the new painting).
    Within 100 years the entire complex was in shambles - mainly because
    the china pagoda was put to military use.

  • The boundaries of choolamani vihara are not mentioned in Rajaraja's
    grant (largen leyden). But the lands in anaimangalam were occupied by
    others (!) and the vihara was not getting the revenues properly. The
    case went all the way to kulothunga who not only conferred all the
    rights of the earlier grant but also made new grants (smaller leyden).

    Here, soolamani vihara takes the name rajarajap perumpalli and the
    boundaries are mentioned as: a Thamaraikkulam, a sand dune and a
    peruvazhi. Dr Jayakumar rightly interpreted these and ended up with
    the court complex opp Nagapaatinam pudhu bus stand.

    Friends, I was thrilled to look at this via google earth. The sand
    dune and the kulam are still available. The peruvazhi has become the
    main road in which buses ply out of Nagai.

    You can precisely see the entire vihara complex boundaries in google

  • thatas great Gokul
    Interesting to know about this
    i love to c that places in Nagai
    but Choolamani Vigar is destroyed actually isit?
  • Dear Gogul,
    This is a great news. Can you provide the latitude / longitude so we can see it on the map ? Or just send us the link to the map.
    Thanks and best regards,
  • Hi Gokul,
     Any pointers on this rashtrakuta temple? Any details that can evoke any response from anyone else?
  • I don't have references, but thought from the murthis
    in Govt. Mus. that the temple was late Pallava?

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