Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswamy
  • Mannargudi itself was established during rajendra-I period. Rajendra
    chozha vinnagaram. Kulasekara perumal reached lord's feet here and
    there is a special shrine for him in the temple premises I think.

    During late Rajendra-I period, the king of chera country (who comes
    after baskara ravi) Rajasimha gave nivandamas. I always wondered why
    chera king was interested in this temple and only later learnt the
    Kulasekhara association

    Thus the temple is older than Kulothunga.

    But not the bronze. I may be wrong - but most likely the present deity
    is not of chola origin.

    Vaduvur bronze - Dr.Kudavoil opined that it is 'Raghunatha nayaka period'.

    You can compare one to one and wonder the similarities in facial

    SPS - I am awe stuck with Konerirajapuram information. Thanks a lot

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