[Poetry In Stone|கல்லிலே கலைவண்ணம் கண்டோம்] Mannargudi
  • Dear Vijay

    I lose my mind and heart with 2 deities.

    - Sri Rama of Vaduvoor
    - Sri Rajagopalaswami of Mannargudi

    Both are strikingly similar in execution. I think both belong to same
    period - Raghunatha nayaka.

    While the chola bronzes do not have such hard and cute cheeks, these
    two deities are sheer beauties personified.

    Lovely post & drawing

  • Hi

    I presume perumal is in the form of a cowherd in mannargudi.
    he is a charioteer in thiruvellikeni

    what other forms?
    can someone list

  • Dear Sir,

    Is it not interesting to note Kulothunga I inscriptions found in
    Mannargudi Rajagopalaswaamy temple (apart from Him being the single
    King gave about 87 grants inscribed in Srirangam) !

    That apart, like in chidambaram - ( which is devoid (?)/ less (?) of
    inscriptions of RRC and prior to him ) Kulothunga would have
    renovated fully ...


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