Rajaraja cholan burial
  • Vanakkam,
    Hope all are doing well, there was a question in PSVP where was Rajarajacholan buried or crimated. I saw that no one have given the exact answer for this. But I've an idea about it. In the recent past I finished reading Udaiyar by Balakumaran. I finished all the 6 volumes. I found that in one of the volumes' preface Balakumaran had told that one of the Generals of King Rajendrachola I had built a memorial in the place where Rajarajachola was cremated. I am sure that I found that in the preface. If possible I will send the exact number in which news is given.
     I really find bad that I couldn't become a member in PSVP. Till now a new account cannot be created. Really I feel sorry for this. Please inform me when I can open an account in PSVP.

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