COmparing PS &SS with Ramayana & Mahabharatha
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    Sometime back i found that one of the patrons of PS
    yahoogroups had mentioned about the comparison between
    ramayana & mahabharata and Kalki's masterpieces.I am
    adding my views on that line.I consider both Ramayana
    and Mahabharatha to be novels ,for the sake of such a
    SS can be equated to the Ramayana because the
    characters are so clear cut.There is no grey area in
    the characters in ramayana.Rama is the purest of all
    men on earth,while Ravana the vilest of
    all.Lakshmana,Bharatha,Sita,Hanuman,Vibheshana all are
    good and their actions pure and noble.The traitor that
    Vibheshana was ,is not discussed.Rama's side is all
    good while Ravana is the damned villian with no equal
    in hard core villiany.Same could be said of
    SS.Pulikesi is described to be a moron who has no
    sense of aesthetics or any artistic sense.The people
    of Vatapi are described as the pompous rich who
    pracise no subtlety .The upstarts who have
    suddenly come upon wealth and let it go to their
    Kanchi on the other hand is described as a city of
    proud heritage , no upstart like vatapi rather the
    highly civilized, cultured city of the south.Kalki
    uses the verses of Bana( i am not sure of the author)
    who praised Kanchi sky high and put the city in his
    all time best list.
    The king Mahendra Pallava ,arguably the most important
    character in the novel is a highly resourceful man.A
    man who is so clever at the art of disguise that he
    could enter pulikesi's camp under the guise of a spy
    and fool him .
    Narasimha though hotheaded is the hero of the story
    brave ,handsome dignified and straightforward as
    opposed to Naganandhi who is the master of
    treachery.The tall thin man who is so crooked that had
    this novel been written by Wodehouse he would have no
    doubt added that Naganandhi was so crooked that he
    would make the "spiral staircase look like the
    shortest distance between two points" .
    The characters of the females Sita & Sivakami are very
    much similar in that both of them want to be rescued
    from the villian only after their abductors are
    destroyed decimated and the capitals brought down to
    earth.Such striking similarity (and many more
    actually.I shall try to elaborate on that some other
    time), between the epic of the yore and SS makes me
    wonder whether KAlKI delibrately choose to model SS on
    the lines of Ramayana.
    If SS was the Ramayana ,then PS with all its political
    intigues can be equated to the one only Mahabhartha
    But that, in the next mail.
    So long

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