Email talking ethics, an appeal
  • Dear all, given the wonders of technology we are able to converse so freely and be friends even though located in various corners of the globe. It is always a good idea though not to forget certain ethics of interpersonal conversation, a gentle reminder:
    1 Please address people by name. There is no sound sweeter to anyone than our name - it is quite understandable if there are multiple people we cannot spell out everyone - in which case 'Dear all' or 'Dear everyone'. If there are only one or two people on the thread - please address them by name. If this is too much hassle atleast avoid pointedly talking to one person alone and discussing what the other person said.
    2 Please end a thread honorably - if possible. I learnt this, I agree to disagree, and if nothing just the simple all time solution 'thanks'.
    3 Please respond to compliments - if someone said hey I like what you said say thanks or ok fine, or something.
    It may be tough in our fast world to keep all that in mind but without that there is no understanding or regard among people. Lots of us have never seen one another but atleast I would like to believe we are friends and friendship demands something more than dry exchange of ideas -and whethere it is online or in person, people are always sensitive to how we treat them.
    Thank you
  • Hi Malathi,

    That was a very good one. Thanks for reminding.

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