• Dear PonSelers,
  • PiNimukam is a synonym for Peacock (ChoodamaNi nigandu – 3-50) and not

    It came to be associated with Vinayaka as 'aagu-peyar' of peacock.

    The puranaanuru urai (the urai is by an unknown author, written in an
    undated past and recorded in palm leafs and brought to print by Dr U.Ve.Sa)
    that I quoted from Dr-U.Ve.Sa's 'Puranaanuru moolamum, uraiyum' 1950
    edition, says that PiNimukam or the peacock was carried in the flag in war
    fronts to remove all obstacles. Since piNimukam was considered as Pillaiyar
    himself taking control of the obstacles, Pillaiyar himself was called as
    piNimukam. The verse from Kalladam-7 indicates this.

    But then there was an elephant used by pillaiyar as his vehicle. This is
    mentioned by the urai asiriyar who says that it used to be said that this
    elephant was known as piNimukam.

    Thus we have two versions, one authenticated in texts (as peacock and
    Pillaiyar's peacock 'piNimuka magjjai' – kalladam -7) and another mentioned
    by texts as elephant due to popular usage.

    The name piNimukam to the elephant seems to be an acquired one due to its
    association with Pillaiyar.

    Detailed post on antiquity of Vinayaka worship in my blog

    - jayasree

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