Mahabharat Quiz - Duryodhana
  • Duryodhana is probably the most enigmatic villians of puranic history, perhaps only secondary to Ravana in terms of interest.
    1 What was Duryodhana's flag?
    2 Duryodhana and Sri Krishna are related. How?
    3 There are temples to Duryodhana - where and why?
    4 Duryodhana is akin to a Greek god in greek mythology - who and why?
    5 Duryodhana's body is immune to death everywhere except thighs. How does he achieve this boon?
  • Boy, Malathi,
    Good questions.
    Duryodhana's flag- golden w a bejewelled elephant, hung w bells.
    Could he be Ares?
    just a guess [hope Mr. Wm Buck's retelling of the MBh. I recommended
    to you,
    is right about this] By the way, It has no 'Western' slant. Just a
    retelling, as far as I read it.
  • 1. Arava Kodiyon - Flag with a snake.
    5. Before the war, Gandhari asks Duryodana to take bath in the river
    and come to her without any dress. but as usual Krishna teases him for
    his state and tells him to go before his mother atleast with a banana
    leaf on his thighs, because its not decent to go before mother full
    naked. He does so, Kandhari opens her eyes and transfers her powers to
    his body which becomes like vajram except for the part that is covered
    by the banana leaf. Finally Bheema strikes him at this very spot to
    kill him.

  • I thought Bhima broke Duryodhana's thigh?
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  • 1 and 5 as already answered by Satish

    2.Krishna's son married Duryodhana's daughter.
    4.Duryodhana's mythology seems some what similar to Achilles.Achilles was dipped into a lake by his mother(forgot her name) to make him immortal but she was holding him by his heels thereby his heel became his weakness similar to Duryodhana's thighs.
  • photo please... whenever convenient..

    And Vijay,

    You wanted a couple of photos from Mallai.

    Pls summerise.

    thanks. anbudan / sps
  • Wow...

    inspite of not having much scope to exchange thought - process,
    these details are definitely POINTERS to certain things which we are
    yet to be made aware of.

    thanks. sps
  • Yes all right so far, Krishna's son Samba (via Jambavati) married
    Duryodhana's daughter Lakna kumari. There are temples dedicated to
    Duryodhana in Kumaon region of Uttarachal, I will post some links if
    I get. Kumaon tribes fought with the kauravas in the war, and he was
    supposedly a great and generous leader to them.
  • Kathie, no Duryodhana's flag is a raised cobra. I have ordered Buck's book, will let you know soon as I read it, thanks!! Malathi
  • Oh wow, Malathi. Barring no 5, the rest was news to me. I didn't know
    Krishna's son married Duriyodhana's daughter (in fact, its the last sort of
    alliance I would have expected.). And I've always found the stories about
    Gandhari's varam and Achilles's strengths very interesting.
  • Pavithra, yes Duryodhana has a son and a daughter, son Lakna is killed by Abhimanyu.
    There are folk tales that Lakna was a little mentally handicapped and also to be married to Balarama's daughter Vatsala (the movie Mayabazar is based on the folk tale).
  • dear Malathi,
    Thanks for setting me straight about Duryodhana's pennant.
    Either Buck got the flag wrong or I read him wrong.

    By the way, Krishna & Achilles both are killed by a wound
    in the heel. Wonder who borrowed that theme from whom?
    > .
  • Does this story of Gandhari supporting Duryodhana appear in Vyasa
    Bharatham ? I was thinking this was one of the many other versions.
    It will be nice to know when and where it is mentioned.

    Of course, there is another reason found for the vulnerability of
    Duryodhana's thighs in the Mahabharatha. During the Vana Vaasa of
    the Paandavas, sage LOmasaa visits Duryodhana and tries to advise
    him to give Paandavas their kingdom. Duryodhana at that point
    ignores the Rishi's words and insults him by showing his thigh.
    Rishi LOmasa curses him that he will die with his thighs being

    Experts may please confirm.
  • NV, no this story is not in Vyasa Bharatham, it is just another popular folk tale addition. Vyasa Bharatham says the only reason Bheema hit Duryodhan on the thighs was to fulfill his oath that he would kill him likewise. Any human being is vulnerable on the thighs so yuddha dharma is that it is wrong to hit below the navel. Hence Sri Balarama takes offence at the act and walks away despite Sri Krishna's numerous justifications.
  • References from Vyasa Bharata:

    "draupadya: prekshamanaya: savyam oorum darshayath" (71:12)

    Duryodhana moved his cloth and showed his left thigh to Draupadi.

    "yat etham oorum gadaya na bhindyam te mahahave" (71:14)

    said bhima - if Bhima fails to split this theigh in the big war, he will
    not attain the loka of his forefathers.

    Promise is made by Bhima to kill Duryodhana by splitting his thigh.


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