Aadiperukku Greetings
  • Thanks Dhivakar Sir.
    Wishing all the members on Aadiperukku. Have a nostalgic trip along with VT eating the aadiperukku fare & also listening to Aazhwarkadiyan singing Poliga Poliga.
  • Hi
    another good news
    just heard that swetha has had a boy baby today.
    thaayum seyum nalam

    i am yet to meet a person more involved in the ponniyin selvan story
    than her.
    so am curious what she would name her son????
    arul mozhi? vanthiya devan? aditya

    lets see.

  • To All,

    Adipperukku Greetings from our beloved SPS Sir and myself. Today
    marks the beginning of our PS story. So this is an anniversary of
    some sort. A day to Cherish.

    Okay Okay start imagining Vanthiyath Thevan riding along the
    Veeraanam Lake.

    I wish I had a time machine.
  • Aadi Perukku Nalvaazhthugall to all.

    "The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, generally known as the
    Appalachian Trail or simply The A.T., is a marked hiking trail in the
    eastern United States, extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia
    and Mount Katahdin in Maine. It is approximately 2,175 miles (3,500 km)
    long. The path is maintained by thirty trail clubs and multiple
    partnerships. The majority of the trail is in wilderness, and thus
    encounters a wide array of wildlife, topography and plantlife. Some
    portions do traverse towns and roads, and even cross rivers."

    It will be nice to have Vandiathevan trail - connecting all the places
    to veeranam - kadambur - kudanthai - pazhayar and the rest upto
    kodikkarai. If the route is defined, delineated and mapped, PS fans can
    do trekking in stages, if adventurous, on a horse. Just a wild wish. I
    did a 15 km trek of the Appalachian trek in a wild area near
    Charlottesville, long ago.


    To know more about Appalachian Trail,
  • Best wishes for Swetha and her family, especially for the new arrival.

    Just one query; Is the 'pudir' in Kaviri Maindan written by Swetha?
  • Excellent mapping! Enjoyed the vivid description... Starting from
    Kadambur to Konerirajapuram. One doubt, after no. 9 (saraswathi
    Mahal Library), where did you visit? Is 11 mentioned, and I missed
    it?? Not sure!

    Will another trip be planned, anywhere in near future ?

  • Dear Thiru,


    HE Organised everything .. from meeting Visvasenan in Kalki
    Magazine .. then meeting Balakumaran who directed him to me and we
    all met Dr. Nagaswamy and from the simple Question - WHETHER
    got motivated and We worked a roadmap for Mudhal Yaathirai and I
    joined them just on the way at Thiruvalanchuzhi and took them to
    Panchavanmadevi pallippadai - Udyalur - Nandhipurathu Vinnagaram
    etc., and they continued to Konerirajapuram and farther down !

    Of couse, Venkat & Swetha planned another trip and this was also
    well organised - covering the Big temple in detail..

    Now we can plan one more TRIP .. depending on enrolement .!!

    Say in Sept / Oct 2008.

    anbudan / sps
  • >
    > Of couse, Venkat & Swetha planned another trip and this was also
    > well organised - covering the Big temple in detail..

    oh no
    that trip was planned by sps and sathish.
    phenomenal trip

    we followed vanthiyathevans trip from villupuram pondy coot road to
    we stopped at most places on that rajapattai mentioned in the story.
    we didnt go to kadambur though.
    the best part was the secret upper chamber in big temple. we were
    if one searches for sep 2005 in the archieve you could find a
    also every historical place on the way was mentioned during the trip

    sps can we think of another trip???

    > Now we can plan one more TRIP .. depending on enrolement .!!
    > Say in Sept / Oct 2008.
    > anbudan / sps
    > --- In ponniyinselvan@yahoogroups.com, "Humble Groups"
  • SPS,

    Next trip plz count me in. I have relocated to Chennai and I am yet to get
    my new number. Probably that will be activated tomorrow. Tours apart do
    count me in when ever there is a meeting / discussion / lecture happening in

    Again for clarification who are the four charecters which are real?
    Ravidasan (Drohi) / Parameswaran / Idumbankari / XXXX?

    ~ Udanx
  • why not aazhwarkkadiyaan? senthan amudhan? anirudhdhan?

    ellaarum romba nallavangha sir ...

    adi bayangaramaanvan
    vandhiyadevan is kundhavai dasan..
    arulmozhi poota case...

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