Research papers of Kudanthai N.Sethuraman
  • Sekar publications of madras has come out with 2 volume publication
    of Thiru.Kudanthai N.Sethuraman's archaeological research papers.
    This author is well known for his path breaking research on cholas
    and pandiyas.

    In one of the volumes, they talk about a number of research papers
    written by Sethuraman. Probably if we approach them, we can get more

    I have also read many other books on tamilnadu history / archaeology
    by the same publishers

    May I request one of you guys (Krupa ?) to call these publications
    and ask about their books on archaeology and research papers of
    sethuraman (unpublished) ? We can also enquire about Mylai and see if
    they have some papers...

    (That reminds me - did any of you guys could get in touch with

    M.G.R. NAGAR, CHENNAI 600 078
    TEL - 2471 4325

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