Architecture of Temple
  • Hi SPS,

    I read one mail of you in Temple Cleaners.In that U said about Ardha Mandapam,Garbhagrham etc., of Temple.
    Few days back only I came to know the difference between Vimanam and Gopuram.
    Can u pls tell me Architecture of TamilNadu temples or Is there any article regarding this?

  • Saathmeeka,

    Kamalakkannan aka Adityakarikalan of our group, who is also one of the
    editors of as written an excellent series on temple
    architecture in the initial issues of varalaaru.

    Please visit and read through the 'Kattadakalai
    aayvu' starting from the first issue of the ezine.

    Hope this helps.
  • It is dealt with extensively in the earlier issues in by our Kamalakkannan.

    anbudan / sps

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